Sunday, May 17, 2009

PROJECTS and lovin it!!!

SO i have been making projects that last few days and just loving it!! So here are a few for you to view.....

HERE is an apron that I saw the patten on line about 8 months ago and LOVED IT. This material was supposed to be a spring table runner but I loved it too much to not make an apron from it.

Here is just another table cloth I made with leftover materials

Here is a recipe card holder that my friend Kris had and I just had to make my own.

But the sheet metal came in a HUGE sheet so I ended up making about twenty of them while I was at it. They are for sale if anyone is interested in a cute gift....$12.And remember when I blogged about that wood I found in the is the remnents of one of them.

I also made this huge magnent board for the house. They are charging a ridiculous amount for them at the craft $35 bucks...mine cost me $7.00 granted I already had some of the materials.
So that is what i have been up to the last few days...loving it!!!!


Photographs n Memories said...



The tablecloth is super cute as well, and the magnet board and everything else.

Maybe you should change your name to Martha Stewart Wanna Be n Better Than Her BE

Shayla said...

wow you've been busy with your blog. Your boards turned out super cute!