Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MORE random thoughts..

I was listening and singing along to a country song that you may be familiar with. It's called Austin. I have always held a personal hatred for the song because it is so ridiculous and far fetched that it would NEVER, NEVER EVER happen. It is the sci-fi of love stories at it's finest. It is even worse then the love scences where a former lover shows up on an airplane or at a wedding and confesses their love, then the former lover dumps the current lover to be with the old one. I HATE those stories, they NEVER happen and they just present a false sense of hope in women everywhere. They should be banned.
Now back to my story which you will only find humerous if you know the song "Austin." Anyhoo,as I was singing along, I often drift away into thought as if I am in the story and the song is about me. So as I was singing along I found myself changing the lyrics to what I would say if I were in the song/story and I just had to chuckle.
As I sang I found myself saying, "P.S if this is Austin...screw you!"

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