Saturday, August 23, 2008

Most valued things I simply can't live without.

Todays post is brought to you as the things that I just can't live without. These are all things that I use daily or would break into tears if I lost them. All items are in random order so as not to offend the other possesions.
I have wanted one of these babies for about 5 years and after 4 years of wanting I purchased one for the first time last year. From my first tast of my cantelope smoothie I was hooked. I still remember the first day I was able to purchase one as a present of graduation to myself. I treasured it like a long awaited adopted child and I was a baren wife.
You have never experience a clean mouth until you have brushed with the sonicare toothbrush. When I worked in a dental office, mothers raved about how much it saved them in expensive cavity filling bills. Their kids cavities would be reduced by half or more. It is an experience that I just can't get enough of and I am known to brush my teeth 4 -6 times a day just to revisit that clean feeling over and over again. Despite no running water and toliets that didn't flush and beds with holes in the middle, when I was in Africa the first thing that I said I missed the most was my sonicare toothbrush . (sorry family, you came long after the sonicare).
I love my tool kit. I can honestly say that I have better tools then my Dad and he is quite jealous of the tool kit HE gave me. I always ask for tools for Christmas and he really spoiled me one year with a tool kit that can make a girl like me shed tears of joy.

This is one thing that I have a constant and running supply of in my cupboard. I eat 3-6 pieces daily and it just hits the spot like no other. Without them...I am not whole.
This is the other thing I keep a constant supply of. I eat at least 2 of these daily and I have been known to eat up to ten a day. I just can't ever get enough of the textury goodness of granola. By far, a favorite food.

Call me crazy, but this is by far my favorite drink of all time. I can never drink enough and my bladder suffers terribly for it.
I loath cheesy chick flicks, but if you play a good love song, I melt like butter in an oven. I love music and if music jumped off a cliff you can bet I would follow it. Need I say more?

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Rowdy said...

I can't believe I didn't make the list! I'm not surprised tools did though, I love tools.