Monday, April 9, 2007


So it came to pass that Bree (aka Chewy) had a fractured leg times two and didn't even notice it until well into the season. So Bree goes to the doctor and they give her a big black permaboot to wear while she heals. Since the new acclaimed leg addition, Bree has gotten some new names for her leg such as Robo Leg and my particular favorite ( probably because I made it up) is soggy raisen leg.
It was one day while we were conversing on the couch that we decided that it would be so funny that it is practically necessary to wax Brees boot. Surely she would not let us do so, but late at night Bree had known to fall into some deep slumbers and the time would be opportune!! It wouldn't be that much fun to watch her walking around in it, as it would be to see her realize her boot was waxed when she hit the first wooden stair in the front entry room staircase!! That would be a timeless event worth taking the blame for!!! Just a thought. love RONNIE

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