Monday, April 30, 2007


WEll I very well couldn't give Tasha a nickname without coming up with one just as deserving for Bree. So as I comprised a web of choices I observed Bree for a few hours. And of course in order to observe Bree for a few hours there is just ONE place to go....TO THE KITCHEN!!!
Also contributing to Brees nickname was a common occurance that occured multiple times DAILY involving me and BREE that went something like this...
The setting is me and Bree in the (wouldn't you know...the kitchen) and I am cooking. Bree sits there the ENTIRE time watching me...and then just as the food is finished and I am about to take a bite.....
BRee says, "Ummm...that looks good..can I have some?" all while probing her face right up next to my untensil in antincipation for the next bite.
I say, "FINE " and I take a deep sigh.

The worst part is NOT that this takes place, but the fact that this is happening all while she is eating a cookie in another hand or costco size muffins in BOTH hands. No matter what she has, it is not enough, or good enough....she must have what RONNIE is eating. It wouldn't matter if I was eating terd on a stick...Bree would want it.

Oftentimes, when I would think I was all alone, I would whip a little something up and just as I would take my first bite, Bree would pop out of somewhere and want some.

To Bree, everyday was a nonstop all you can eat buffet. The eating never ended, even between her eternally long stories...Bree was eating....and so the nickname was born for BREE......the nickname being CHEWY.
Because no matter what time of day it is, you can find Bree chewing on something..and if she is on her last bite, you can find her chewing on YOUR food even before she has reached the end of her meal. The End love RONNIE

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