Monday, April 30, 2007

How the BO BO came about

So here is the story of how the Bo BO came about.
Tasha was in school one day with her beloved teacher Mr. Dahmule. Tasha and her cohurts however, decided that to properly pronounce the teachers name it shouldn't be pronounced "DAh- mule," but it should be pronounced "Dumb Mule" instead.
Likewise Mr Dahmule thought he was just grand and funny because he had devised a nickname for Tasha in class that day and as he took role he called Tasha the "Buger Queen."
Tasha rolled her eyes at the teacher and said to him, "oh, that is really funny Bo Bo." Mr Duhmule looked up from his desk and asked Tasha, "Just what does Bo Bo mean?" Proud with delight Tasha pulled an answer from her butt and proclaimed..... "IT MEANS MONKEY'S BUTT."
And so it has been that BO BO properly defined is to be interpreted Monkeys Butt.

To this day, that has been one of my favorite Tasha stories and so I found it necessary to call her BO BO for the rest of her life. Some people think it has to do with the fact that Tasha can make the perfect monkey face with enough people provoking her to do so....or if I threaten her with a spit yo yo. But more then that, it is her leveraged butt that seals the deal with Tashas BO BO name. At times, you would swear that her butt is run on hydrolics because it is set so high in the air. I think it is the simple monkee like features that Tasha posseses that make the name BO BO stick with her. And if she tried to run from it, she couldn't because it haunts her and follows her.....literally.

You may wonder why Tasha would not oppose such an unflattering nickname...and the reason is this...because there is a backup nickname for her. Devised by Chewy and myself....the backup nickname is "Tempelton." And if you have ever seen the cartoon "Charolettes Web" there is a scene where the rat (Templeton) goes crazy and eats all the food at the county fair, while singing....a task Tasha is completely capable of. the END love RONNIE

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