Friday, April 27, 2007


SO as boring as it is to read I just have to announce that I, RONNIE McDonald have finally graduated!!!!! WHoohoo!! YIppe skippee to me! I am so excited to NEVER have the ultimate stress of full time school and work on my back again!! Of course I am still taking a few courses here and there but that is NOTHING compared to the crap I have plowed through this year! Yesturday my friends and I rewarded ourselves by skipping out on the Respiratory convention early and treating ourselves to massages!! It felt so good!! I am excited because I am going to make twice as much as I do now and I will be working twice as much. So that is nearly 3 times what i am making now!!! I am going to be living like a KING compared to what I have had!! In all honesty, the money is nice, but I am more excited about the relaxing life I will have compared to the sweat ladden life I had just last week!! LIFE IS GOOD! love RONNIE

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