Monday, April 9, 2007

Helltastic Wedding Day #2 Part 2

SO by some miraculous direction, we were able to find the temple. Kris dropped Granny and herself at the front steps to the temple cuz they were just barely beating the buzzer. We drove the car down to the very bottom of the temple parking lot to try and clean Mia who was still sitting contently in her red gummy scented throwup. It wasn't 30 seconds after we parked that BOBO noticed Kristina running towards our car. I immediately sensed that she was after her recommend of which she had left in the car. We coudln't help but laugh at the uncanny series of events. I threw Kristinas purse at Tashas head and by the time her laughter stopped Kris was in the car and we were driving her back up to the temple top. We dropped Kris off and returned to our original parking destination. It wasn't 3 minutes later that I looked out my window to see Kristina and floppy Jack both running towards us...again!! They came to deliver the message that Dad wanted me to try and get into the temple via calling my stake president. Why bother I thought....I don't even know what Stake I am in!! But I tried anyways and someone got me the hookup and I got in. So then the wedding occured and somehow we were there, actually present, in person, despite all things that were bound to keep us from getting there.

Mia ran around bear back in the car until it was time for pictures in fear of disaster #467 occuring on her white dress Kristina spent countless hours sewing. I still remember seeing Mia in the car, nearly all naked except for a diaper and a bright red puke oozing bellybutton. (Apparently Bree had run out of wipes and didn't notice the belly button in time). Well Mia got her white dress on and took pictures and never threw up!! It was grand and it SEEMED all the stress had settled.

Then we went to Olive Garden, and I had just come out of the bathroom went I noticed a "piso mojado" aka wet floor sign where the hostess was discustingly cleaning up a familar red ooze on the floor. "Oh no" I thought, "not again" ....but it was again. Mia had puked in the restaurant...again. But this time good old Chewy was holding her and this time Chewy got the worst of it. Bree was covered in red gummy juice...all over her new white shirt. But that wasn't even the worst part, the worst part was that Bree had to wear a boot for her fractured ankle and rumor has it that she got a fountains worth down her boot. Slaushing with every step Bree,Kristina Mia and Kaylee all went home.

Kristina and she was pretty much exhiled to the house for the rest of the night. Hours on end of cleaning up scattered spots of Mias interspursed puking. She never even got to attend the reception and she is still bitter about it. So we like to bring it up on occasion to add thrill to the conversation.

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