Monday, April 9, 2007

Helltastic wedding Day #2 the morning

So the next morning I was finally feeling better, not up to parr completly but enough to make an appearance at my sisters wedding. I looked like Madum Mim, but despite how I looked I was just glad I could breath and walk again without my hunchback de-energizedness self.
As I was getting ready, I heard the news, my little niece had contracted the bug. She has just thrownup. Most amazingly was that fact that she was just fine after that she just danced to her Barney tapes like usual and ate like normal, so we decided to ignore the obvious and hope for the best.
It wasn't until we were on the way to the temple that we passed the town of Troutdale that we realized that we were lost and didn't know how to get to the temple. We were lost and we hadn't a clue how to get back on track since we didn't know what the right track was. Kristina started feeling bad that Grandma had driven all this way and wasn't going to make it to Nat wedding. So Kris cried.
Kristina looked at me from her rear view mirror and asked, "do you have your recommend." That was when I realized that it hadn't even crossed my mind to bring it. Being completely lethargic the day before I didn't even care. There was no turning around now, it was too late. I just laughed, what could I do. The situation was uncanny.
It wasn't seconds later that Bree announced the phrase that will forever go down in history. "IT SMELLS LIKE GUMMIES." That is when I caught a glimpse of bright red something spewing from the mouth of little Mia. "She's throwing up, " I announced only to see her spew followed by 2 more spews and then a projectile bright red one come from her and hit the back of the Kris's seat like the grand finale of a fireworks show. It was a mess and it was colorful..and apparently It SMELLED LIKE GUMMIES!!! (thanks to bobo and chewy who fed her fruit snacks despite my urging to feed her only clear liquids).

So there we were, lost, recommendless, gummy smelling, vomit projecting, Madum Mim portraying family. Just waiting for the rest of the drama to set in. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. The situation was ideal, it was the perfect Malcom in the middle momment, my very own! The End

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