Monday, April 9, 2007

The Helltastic Wedding Day 1

So as we all know I went to WA for my YOUNGER sisters wedding...who is younger then me....and she is getting married....younger then me.......Just joking. I really don't give a rats butt about it, becuase I am 2 weeks aways from graduating and as my friend Brooke has so perfectly put it.."planning on being as selfish as possible for the next year of so." What can I is true!
So as for the wedding, we drove all 12 hours with my friend JoJO's kids. They were super good and quite......and it wasn't until the next day that I was in WA that a I realized why her kids were so good.....They were infectiously tired because they were still contaminated with the FLU which I ingested the next morning. Arising from the bed I went into the bathroom and stuck my finger as far down my throat as possible trying to make myself throwup and rid my stomach of the contaminates that infected me so. I just wanted it OUT!! Unfortunately, the contents came from the bottom end in watery substance otherwise known as diarrhea. I was miserbale. So after a few attempts and a pepto bismal later, i was successful and I spewed about 6 pieces of pizza from the previous night into the toilet bottoms. Only to be followed by the bottom end being emptied once again. So I spent the entire day having my head and butt buried in the same facinity. I don't recommend it. The worst part was the dehydration, I couldnt even walk the width of the house without stopping and resting on the floor and panting like a cow in heat for my next breath. After a 15 minute laying on the floor session I would finally muster up enough energy to raise off the floor and walk the next 10 feet, hunchback style because standing up straight took too much energy. That was Day 1 of the Helltastic Wedding. love RONNIE

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