Saturday, September 15, 2007

I think I am a genius!!!

So can I just say that I had been realizing that when I move out... I have nearly nothing to my bed, no mattress, no bed frame etc etc. So I started to price things, trying to find the best deals. And of course girl that I am I started with head boards for my bed. As I started welcoming them into my shopping agendas I realized that this was quite a pricey item!!! Head boards cost a few hundred dollars and liquidation prices are still a hundred or so. I found this absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! It is just a few pieces of wood slapped together after all. So I decided that I was just going to have to make my own becuase the prices were outlandish.
It wasn't a few days later that I was out taking a run near the mountain tops that I ran past a most rustic looking piece of wood. It captured my eye and I immediately fell in love. It was all weathered and barn like...just the type I like. I continued my run but couldn't stop thinking about that beautiful piece of wood that I had encountered that day.
So it was just a few days later that I talked my friend Christine into driving to the top of the mountain to retrieve the piece of wood with me. I knew that it would need some balancing help since I was to be hauling it in my little 88 Honda.
It wasn't until I got a hold of the wood and started pulling it out of the field that I realized just how long this wood was and needless to say, it exceeded my car length ten fold!! But I was determined (nothing new...I am always determined). So I stuffed the wood in my car perpindicular and drove down the road. It was hard getting it home because it crossed well into the other lane of traffic on one side so I would try to compensate by driving closer to my white line...only to be followed by a shout from Christine that I was about to take out a tree on the sidewalk!! The entire ride home envolved a laughing passenger and a drunk looking civic with 8 foot wings of wood coming out each side of the beastly ugly thing. All the while swirving to dodge a car and then swirving back to avoid trees and sidewalk pedestrians. This was a honker peice of wood. It wasn't until I got it home that measured it to be 16 feet long!!
Needless to say, I got the beauty home and made my just as cute as can be head board and I sure didn't spend no hundred dollars!!! I only spent $4.99 for the brackets and eveything else was free...that is why I think I am genius!! THe ENd

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