Thursday, September 20, 2007

RONNies Deal o the Year!

So I just happened to be waiting for night shift to come to work so i could give report and get the hay out of there when I decided I might as well burn time on the internet. Long story short I found an add for a Table AND chairs for sale for FIFTEEN BUCKS!!! I immediately jumped at the chance. Lucky for me my good buddy Jared was willing to bumm my rear out to clearfield that night so I had a truck to pick them up in. So I have the before and after pictures....

Here is me with my cowboy gear to keep from getting dust in my all important respiratory tract while I sanded them down

Here is the picture of them after I got a hold of them with some paint!! What a killer deal for fifteen bucks if I might say so myself!!!

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Jourdan Johanna said...


Love the color. Love the chair design. Are they sturdy? What does the table look like?

Now go and check out what I found at the are gonna die.