Friday, November 9, 2007

Seran Wrap Wrestle

So we saw this on Americas funniest home videos one day and I was determined to try it. It is easy...all you do is get a roll o seran wrap and tightly wrap yourself in it..hands and all..light a straight jacket it is. Then when both opponents have been tightly sealed...they fight...first to fall..looses. The funniest part is the fact that once you are knocked over and fall...there is not breaking the fall because your hands are tied in!! All you can do it hope that you don't fall face first...cuz that can really hurt. I thought that was so hilarious. So here we our wrestling jerseys you could say....

Unfortnatly this didn't last long because once you are knocked literally can't get back up because there is not bending at the hips, no arms to help can't even roll I found out. And it was about this time that I realized this thing and felt the weight of BoBo ontop of me that I FREAKED!!! I had a major clastrophobic episode suddenly I was breathing quite panickd like I had been buried alive. I started begging my MOm to get the scissor and let me loose. Chewy and Bo Bo of course we laughing their heads off..but I was pretty much convinced I was about to die. I started screaming like a Mommmas definelty wasn't one of my finer momments. Inbetweem my Mom nearly wetting her pants out of laughter...she was able to get the scissor and release me from my buried alive experience...I wanted to wet the ground with my tears of grattitude. I would have given both my kindneys and subjected myself to permenant dialysis for the rest of my life if it came down to it.
The good news is that Chewy was fine as day in her cacoon o seran wrap. So we decided to finish off our plan and we carried her outside and then took her to the top of our grass hill. We figured since she was all bound up she would roll down the hill like a bullet..but instead..with her hands at her side..she took on a more rectangle figure and tumbled down the hill in a rolling brick fashion and bruised up her arms real good. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining experience to watch..but if you happen to be a claustrophobic like myself...I don't recommend it any more then I would recommend being buried alive!!


Jourdan Johanna said...

You need to get a real digital camera and quit messing with the whole film crap.

One question: who wrapped you guys?

RONNIE said...

I DO have a digital...but not at the time of the seran is an old picture.
ANyhew, Tash wrapped us..and then my Ma wrapped Tasha. My Mom is always there for the events...we usually plug her behind the camcorder