Friday, November 9, 2007

Surpise in the Envelope!!

It is one of those things...If you ask Bree I started it and if you ask Bree sHe started it...but somewhere amoung the mission parting that was set between us there arose a "surprise in the envelope." As I remember it I had acutally obtained my first foot callus...(from all me hard tracting) and the day I peeled it off I felt it necessary to proove my hard work to my family and so enclosed in the envelope it was shipped to WA.
Of course when BRee saw it she thought it was weak sauce so she felt it necessary to send me a larger callus. A callus so big I am surprised it fit in the envelope! It was quite an eventful momment to be taken on my own joke and to be on the other end of the surprise containing here is it....the classic "Brees Callus Scrapbook Page."

Please note, this is the Acutal callus sent to me by Bree. I saved it because it was such a classic. I saved it my entire mission through transfers and here it is nearly 5 years later...neatly pressed in my Scrapbook page. Man that girl makes me proud!

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