Sunday, November 4, 2007

The trick o treat

So once again my lame friends were expectedly lame and nobody wanted to go trick o treating with me. But determine ox that I am, I went might think that is lame...but to me lame is sitting at home like the boring ol adult you are uncostumized on Halloween night.
This year I dressed up as Merlin. My aunt Lynnae had this great costume that I just couldn't bear to see go to waste another year. So I strapped on the ol wizard,cloak, beard, mustache, hat and all.

IT was great...right up until I tried to fit in the little Blue L.S.S Civie and realized my hat was too tall to get in. I would have poked my hat through the sun roof but I had just sealed it shut for the I had to resort to hangin my head out the window the entire time since my hat wouldn't fit in the car....I am sure it was quite the site. Me hanging my head out the car while driving.

And to all you genious folk out there I would like to mention that i couldn't just take my hat off cuz it was attached to my mustache and 12 foot beard. But all the time of driving with a kinked neck made me really quite jealous of all the kids who had parents to drive them around.I offered to let my so called friend Sara be my designated driver but she declined.
Another tragedy of the night was my sock problem. Although before leaving home I strategically changed socks to prevent them from falling I ended up putting on another pair of socks that fell down anyways. After stopping to pull them up twice I couldn't take the setback any more and I let the socks win and kept the sock all-a-bundle in the arches of my feet the whole night.

Another near destroying momment was when I had just rang the doorbell and my cell phone went off.....of which I put in my pillowcase...surrounded in ample amounts of candy. If they heard my cell phone go off it would blow my cover for sure!! So I hurriedly found it only to see it was Tara and to hang up on her. Just then they answered the was a close call pun intended.

I also recommend bringing friend (which is alot harder then it sounds). Cuz they can help ya remember where you have already been. Cuz I accidently double backed on a house this was rather embarrassing when they answered the door. But it is hard to concentrate on details when you are running around in a real candy land. I was a kid again.... candy was all that matter. Cars and headlights couldn't stop me...tonight I was invinsible again!!

I also talked to some of the kids on the streets (the trick o treat streets). As the night grew old the ol' baggs started turning off their lights at like 8 and 9!!! I knew I didn't have time to waste so I asked the kids if I should skip any houses. They were kid enough to warn me of rip off houses and they told me of a house that was giving out not 1 but 2 KIng size candy bars!!! Time was running short aso I booked it straight up the hill to the house till I found the most ultimate supreme house o candy. They opened their door and treated me as their own child as they showed me a plethera coated table of king size candy bars to choose from. The momment was sweet my friends...even poetic!

Although I made off like a bandent that night I would just like to give a shout out to my two best partners in trick o treat crime. The ones who were with me through the rains of Washington in trick or treat pasts. Some of my best trick or treat momments were with BOBO and Chewy. Together we made trick or treat history for years on end, bringing in an average of ten pounds of candy each. The momments were mommentious and divine. Our plan was master. And I couldn't have done it with out them. Cheers to the wonderful nights of the trick or treat and the beautiful sugar commas that follow.

Heres an old pic to remember the times... Chewy took on the tradition of Micheal Jackson....Bo Bo was a baby....Camel was a elephant...and I was SuperPig.

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