Tuesday, November 6, 2007


It was college time and the season of Christmas was much needed in the apartment. Stress was in the air as finals came around and we approached month 4 of an un named roomate who thought herself above cleaning her dishes.
Somehow, in the small town of Rexburg we heard of a Christmas tree cutting that was availble for a college affordabel price.
So off the the mountains we went with our FHE brothers each ready to cut a tree for our apartments. Our un-named too good for washing dishes room mate was not a fan of the idea and so I wanted to be sure to make this tree especially upsetting to her. I wanted a Grinch Tree I decided...one too tall for the ceiling. One that had to fold at the top because it is too tall for the room!! I just knew that would upset her and I woudl NOT settle for anything less! So we set to work looking for a tree. Our FHE brothers in theri truck...me in my 88 civic up in the moutains. I am betting you can guess which one of us got stuck!

That was when we spotted it!!! The perfect Grinch tree. We brought it home and decorated it according to our budget...and she HATED it!! Now we could finally annoy her as much as she annoyed us!! IT was the best Christmas ever!! SEe picture above.
Roach and I decorated it with the following decorations
> Bomber Bob with Parachute as the tree topper
> Walmart baggs rolled in balls for ornaments
> Old Fashioned hand strung popcorn strings
> Classic car track around the bottom


Diva said...

Wow... you must have really not liked that roomate... Lets not forget the toothbrush incident...

simplysarah said...

You mean to say you were actually expecting friendship bread from me? You think we're friends???

Too bad I gave all my bread to coworkers. You're getting a friendship tree instead. I just haven't delivered any to anyone yet. I think giving presents on time is overrated.

I'm almost tempted to take you up on the race, by the way...;)