Friday, November 9, 2007

White Trash Carolin

Ah, I remember it like it was yesturday, I was laying on the coach at Christmas time this year, going on hour 20 of pointless yet oh so fulfilling sarcassm and joking with the sisters. That was when we got a knock on the door and the sound of singing b4 we could answer. There at our door sang a family of carolers that sounded as good as the Osmans themselves. We sat there listening with an ackward stance wondering when it would end and if we could clapp early to end the ackward momment. As they left we couldn't help but laugh at the thought of our contorted family doing such a lovey, feely, oozing with love sort of thing. We joked about our off tune voices, or inability to be serious and how aweful it would be to try and follow the perfect performance to the family that had just caroled at our door... and then one thing lead to another and within a half hour we were out with a performance we called "WHITE TRASH CAROLING." see the picture below.

1. Intro note by BOBO with her flute shaped duck that is played by blowing into it's butt
2. A group singing JINGLE BELLS accompanied by me playing the recorder with my nose( and yes, embarassingly enough I did blow a bubble with my other nostril at the first house becuase I was suffering from allergy season)
3. Mom buzzing the buzzer from TABOO every time we sang the words "Jingle Bells"
4. Tasha clashing two pot tops together like symbols after Jingle Bells lyrics were sung
5. Bree hiding along the side of the house and leaping out across the background each time jingle bells was sung with a bumble bee hat atop her head and a sheer flowing too too around her waist that swept the air as she leaped across the porch.

THE LOOKS and the laughter on peoples faces were absolutely priceless. It was a a caroling they are bound to Never forget. So I bring to the blog o RONNIE wonderful family tradition of WHITE TRASH CAROLING, invented by yours truely!!

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